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Is It Possible To Make Money From Blogging?

Is It Possible To Make Money From Blogging?
by: Maya Jakes

Do you have a Blog or Personal Online Journal? If the answer is yes, did you know that it’s possible to earn money from your Blog? I earn plenty from my own Blogspots – maybe not enough to think of retiring in the near future, but enough to allow me some extra luxuries in life and who knows how much I’ll be earning in a few years or even just a few months!

I love writing Blogs because I love passing on information that I’ve researched myself. Best of all, I only spend a couple of hours each week writing on my blogspots – I spend several more hours researching information because I also love to learn and believe that no matter how much I think I know about a subject, there’s always new stuff to learn – I’m a bit of an information junkie!!

If you already know plenty about a particular subject then it won’t take long at all to write a few paragraphs about it and have your blog up and running. Obviously, writing about what you love helps because, in the beginning, the money you earn is a bonus rather than an income that will allow you to give up your day job. Mind you, I’ve read about many people that earn fantastic incomes from their blogs so maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones that can give up the day job in the very near future.

Search engines visit blogs so your site will probably get listed quickly – Google actually own so if you want traffic this is a good site to start your blog on. It’s a good idea to also insert GoogleAdSense and even a Google Search box because you’ll also earn money when any of your visitors decide to click an ad or do a search – more bonus cash for little effort. Blogger also has a tool that you can use to notify all the search engines when you update your site. Make no mistake, this is a very powerful tool because the search engines take a look at your blog and follows the links to other websites. This makes getting listed on the top search engines like Google a breeze.

Another way to make cash from your blog is to add a few affiliate links – find products that fit in with the theme of your blog, sign up as an affiliate, put a link on your blog and hopefully watch some more bonus cash roll in – again, it’s simple but effective! If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing then let me tell you right now that this is an extremely good earner. I usually get my affiliate links at, and so pay them a visit and get some links to get started.

I’m not worried about getting competition from anyone looking at my blogs – there’s more than enough blogs, niche markets, etc. to go round and if it helps you get ideas then that’s great. Remember I’ve already stated that “I love writing Blogs because I love passing on information that I’ve researched myself.”

Another way to get traffic to your blog is to ask visitors to sign up to your own newsletter and then send them a link each time you make a new post. – once a week is plenty otherwise they may get fed up with you bombarding their inbox.

That’s about all there is to it – it’s quick, it’s easy and it has the potential to earn you a fairly decent income. If you have the time to spare then don’t stop at one blog because the more sites you have the more visitors you’ll get and the more money you’ll earn.

There are many people earning a very good living writing their blogs. The biggest tips are to find niche areas that not many others are promoting, get some affiliate links and some good quality content information. Remember to add GoogleAdSense and possibly a Google search box to your site and then just check your visitors and earnings each day.

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Blogging for money: a fabulous freelance writing job?

Blogging for money: a fabulous freelance writing job?

by: Amber McNaught

You've all seen the adverts. "Freelance writers wanted!" they scream from the pages of just about every freelance jobs site on the Internet. "Get paid to blog!"

To many people, this sounds like some kind of dream job. If you keep a blog yourself (and Google says that a few thousand of us do), then the chances are you're currently blogging for free, either because you see blogging as a good opportunity to drive traffic to your website, convert traffic that's already there into sales, or just because you feel you have something to say.

If this sounds like you, then of course you're going to jump at the opportunity to get paid for something you'd do for free. Who wouldn't? And if you're a freelance writer looking for work, you're probably going to jump at the opportunity to: you write, you make money. What could be simpler?

Well, the paid-to-blog business isn't quite that simple, unfortunately. You see, you're technically not being paid to blog. What you're doing is blogging on someone else's website, and being given a share of the Google Adsense profits your posts make – in most cases, 50% goes to you, the rest to the web page publisher.

Still sound good? It may well do. After all, on the Internet, content is king. There's good money to be made from Google Adsense (the program whereby you displays Google adverts on your website and are paid every time someone clicks on them). Isn't there?

Well yes, there is. But in order to make money from blogging on an Adsense site, you're going to need to be able to do more than just write. First of all, you're going to have to be able to identify a niche to write in. This can't be just any old niche, either: it has to be one which you can churn out content on, day in, day out – and content which people will want to read.

You also have to know how to drive traffic to the content you create. On the paid-to-blog sites, some of the traffic is already there: but in order to make real money from this type of writing, you'll need even more traffic than that. Where are you going to get it? What do you know about internet marketing? About driving traffic to websites? What do you know about search engine optimisation? You'll need knowledge of all of these things if you want to make money from blogging – and even if you have that knowledge, you'll still need the energy and enthusiasm to blog every day.

Say you have all of that. What can you make?

Theoretically, there's no limit to what you make. There are people out there making a very nice living from blogs and adsense. There are even more people, though, who aren't making a cent. Realistically, you're much more likely to fall into that second group.
So, is blogging for money a great freelance writing opportunity?

In a word, no. Blogging networks are great places for people who'd like to make a few dollars per month doing something they'd happily do for free anyway, or for people looking for a lively blogging community to join. They're not for serious freelance writers who want to make a living wage from their writing.

Still want to make money from blogging? Find a corporate giant who needs someone to maintain their blog – and is willing to pay for it. Save the paid-to-blog network for your free time.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Blog as a Business

Most blogs are small potatoes. The vast majority are online journals where teenagers talk about their lives to a readership made up of their closest friends. A growing minority, however, are businesses in and of themselves. They balance costs and income; they purposely seek out content providers, advertisers, and paying customers. They make a profit. They are, in fact, Blog Empires, ruling over a reader-defined section of the blogosphere as the go-to site for millions who come to get the news, buy promotional merchandise, and donate money to keep their favorite bloggers fed and happy.

That’s where you come in. You can draw millions of readers, because what you have to say is important. You can accumulate advertisers, because they will pay to reach your readers. In short, you can build your own Blog Empire, and it’s easier than you think. It will take a lot of work (what worthwhile thing doesn’t?) but you may find that being a blogger, building a Blog Empire of your own, is the most fulfilling job you’ve ever had!

The Components of a Blog Empire

A Blog Empire, like any other business, is made up of three major components: a supplier, buyers, and the products for sale. But a blog in many cases differs from the average business because you are bringing together two sets of customers and delivering two sets of products. And you’re not even selling the main item you produce.

Sound confusing? It’s really not. Let’s take a look at the component parts and illustrate just how simple it is.

The first component is a supplier. That’s you. It is your words, your opinion, your research, and your art which can bring thousands or even millions of readers to your blog. You will be the attraction, the broker, and the Emperor of your Blog Empire. If it weren’t for you, the blog wouldn’t exist. Because of who you are, what you know, and what you do, it can thrive.

The second component is a buyer, a customer. While the vast majority of your customers will be your readers, other customers will include companies that pay you to feature their links and advertisements on your blog. “Traffic” (those millions of readers out there who care about what you say) is the lifeline of your site: you’ve got to find them and bring them in. Once they are there, your advertising customers will pay for access to your reading customers, and your reading customers will pay for your information and merchandise.

The final component is a product. Like all businesses, yours can’t exist without a product to sell. But what do you sell when you’re giving your opinion away for free on a blog?

The first product you sell is yourself: your opinions and your expertise. Without selling yourself to your readers, you will have no customers. They may not always pay you directly (though we’ll see that in many cases, they will) but if they don’t buy what you’re saying, they will not buy anything else.

The second product you sell is your space. You lease it to advertisers who will pay you to put information in front of your millions and millions of readers. Whether text links or flashing popup banner ads, your advertisers will pay you for a small part of your readers’ attention.

The final product you sell is your merchandise. With a properly-branded name and a reputation for excellence, your readers will purchase coffee mugs, t-shirts, bumper stickers…anything you can imagine.

In your Blog Empire, your reader is a customer and a product, and the more customers you have, the more products you can sell and the more profit you can pocket. You can turn your labor of love into a digital cash cow by building a Blog Empire that brings customers and buyers together.

About the author:

Nathian Jackson runs his own blog on online buisness tactics, and work from home tips. Visit his blog at for more freebies and tips!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

3 POWERFUL Ways To Profit From Your BLOG... Starting TODAY!

I'm going to list three ways that I think are the Best and most Powerful ways to get the most out of your Blog.

So, with that said, let's go to Profit Tactic #1.

Profit Tactic #1. Writing "Articles".

Writing "Articles" are a very Powerful way to profit from your Blog.

There are many reasons why "Articles" are valuable to your Blog, but, for the purpose of this article I'm going to give you the most important part, and that's your "Resource Box" at the end of your article.

Your "Resource Box" is like a classified ad and holds critical information about You, your websites and what you have to offer them after they've read your article.

The links within your "Resource Box" could lead to your own Product or Service you have to offer, or they could lead to a Affiliate Product related to the content of your article.

This is a great way to give them something of "Value", which is the information within the article, and a great way to get them to take action by way of getting them to click on one of the links within your "Resource Box".

That's "Profit Tactic #1".

Profit Tactic #2. Writing "Product Reviews".

Writing "Product Reviews" is a great way to profit from your Blog simply because they allow you to Soft-Sell your potential customer by way of giving them your personal opinion on the product you are recommending and then providing them with a link if they wish to look into it further, instead of throwing a Sales Pitch at them.

Nobody likes to be sold, but, offering them your insight on a Product and/or Service that could help solve the problem they're dealing with is yet another great way to profit from your Blog and make you look like a Hero.

That's "Profit Tactic #2".

Profit Tactic #3. "Text Ad" Programs.

"Text Ad Programs" like Affiliate Power Ads or Google Adsense are yet Another great way to profit from your Blog.

I've listed these two "Text Ad" programs for a reason, One is a Pay-Per-Click(Google Adsense) and shows related ads to the content on that particular webpage and the other one(Affiliate Power Ads) makes You up to $60 to $100 dollars in commissions on a single click.

Here are the links for you to check them out further if you wish.

Google Adsense --

Affiliate Power Ads --

They are both FREE to join and only take you minutes to set-up depending on your experience.

Here's an example of how mine looks if you were to set-up your Blog through -- with both of these programs.

The great thing is... they'll be displayed on every page of your Blog when you make a post.

I also provided a link below that shows you How-To set this up "Step-By-Step", making it Easy for you to get started.

Now, I'm sure there are many other ways to $$Profit$$ from your Blog, but these ones in my mind are the most Powerful.

Well... there you have it, "3 POWERFUL Ways To Profit From Your BLOG... Starting TODAY!".

If you haven't started a BLOG, maybe it's time you considered it since NOW you have some incentive.

I truly hope this article helped you realize the $$Profit$$ potential your Blog could have and how you can start incorporating it... Starting TODAY!

Author: Cory Threlfall

How To Earn Money Blogging

Creating A Blog For Your Business Can Help You Increase Your Profits. Nell Taliercio tells you how.

One of the more searched for terms among the major search engines is "blog". The word blog is meant to describe a web log, or online journal, that is used to post personal thoughts on the products and services offered by your business. A blog can also be used to make announcements to your customers and provide them a place to give feedback and make comments. You may include any information you desire in your posts to your blog that are related to your line of business. Articles, questions, and opinions are all appropriate blogging subjects.

Starting a blog is simple and there are several blogging tools available to you. Some are free to use and other, more powerful blogging tools can be found for a small monthly fee. In general, blogging tools are user friendly and do not require the knowledge of HTML or complex computer skills. Creating a blog can give your business increased visibility and give your subscribers a forum in which to receive product updates, advice on how to effectively use your products, and post questions or comments about your line of business. To bring your blog to the attention of your target audience, you can link your blog to other blogs, include links to your blog in newsletters or on your web site, and you may even want to include a link to your blog in your email signature.

Blogging can help you increase your profits due to increased visibility, which will undoubtedly lead to increased web site traffic and lead to you earn money blogging. Make sure to only include pertinent information about your niche or line of business in your blog. Most bloggers are happy to link their blog to those belonging to others. The sharing of information and ability to post thoughts and comments makes for a winning situation for all concerned. Starting a blog for your business can be a great way to help you increase your profits and share important information with the public.